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Our History
SurgiTel is a Division of General Scientific Corporation (GSC). GSC has been making a variety of optical components and optical imaging equipment since 1932. In 1992, GSC decided to enter the medical market by developing a line of ergonomic loupes based on multiple patented concepts which help clinicians alleviate their neck and back pain. These next generation products were sold under the SurgiTel brand name. GSC formed SurgiTel Systems as one of its business units to handle a line of vision-enhancement products for dental and medical professionals.

Our Mission
SurgiTel’s mission is to improve the way dental and medical professionals work. We achieve this by creating innovative products that enhance:

Our Values
Towards our clients we strive to enhance our clients health through providing the best products which support the best working posture and comfort, alleviating all too common neck & back strains and helping them provide their patients with the best care.

Towards our people we strive to create a great place to work by providing our employees with good benefits, encouraging educational pursuits and overall work environment and rewarding great performance.

Our Community
SurgiTel is proud to support our community through the Sharing Vision program, where we donate either 10% of our profits or 1% of our sales, whichever is greater. Through both product donations and financial support we give to worthy charities. We work with charities to provide greater access to health and dental care to under-served populations. As a privately held and family-run business we are able to commit to these goals without being hindered by the demands of Wall Street interests.

Our Product Donations
Since our inception SurgiTel has worked with groups which distribute our products to numerous relief and missionary medical professionals in areas of need all over the world. Our donated products can be found in use in places from Afghanistan to Iraq to Guatemala, and even in disadvantaged areas here in the U.S. We feel very fortunate that our donated products get to serve people in dire need.

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